Old San Juan

old-san-juanI discovered this very well written article on Architecture in San Juan Puerto Rico.  Many of the sites featured in this article are right in the heart of Old San Juan and can be visited when you are enjoying our tour in the historical city.

Old San Juan is located the capital city of San Juan Puerto Rico.  It is united to the mainland by bridges and is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the San Juan Bay to the south.  It is famous for blue cobblestone streets and stone buildings that date back the 16th and 17th century.  You can check out the article below:

23 Spots You Shouldn’t Miss in San Juan If You Love Architecture


If you are interested in visiting any of these sites feel free to mention it when you book your transportation with us.


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February Newsletter

Royal Star February Newsletter:

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Christmas Team Lunch


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This year for our Holiday employee lunch, we had the

pleasure of taking our team to Tomate Restaurant. 

 Tomate Restaurant is a Mexican Fusion and Margarita

Bar located in Isla Verde, PR.  Our experience there was

amazing. They have delicious foods and tasty drinks.

We highly recommend this place if you are looking

for an inexpensive, delicious, and fun place to eat.   


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For More information on Tomatoes Restaurant

please visit their website :

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