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Barranquitas is a small mountain town in central Puerto Rico, located about 1 1/2 hours out of the capital city of San Juan. Filled with ecological treasures,  Bocas Canyon, contains breathtaking waterfalls , caves , sinkholes, ponds , and unsurpassed flora and fauna.

Cultural history shines at the house of the family of Don Luis Muñoz Rivera. Currently it used as a museum where visitors can observe the office, the car and the various rooms of the house. Besides its historical value, the structure is characterized by the simplicity of its architectural components and the use of wood, both for the structure and for details.

In addition to the history of the town it possesses a beautiful town center called “La Plaza Bicentenaria Monsignor Miguel A. Mendoza”. It was rebuilt in 2003 and designed by architect Jose A. Colon in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of foundation of the town.