A Chauffeurs Job

Most people think that a personal chauffeur’s job is to transport passengers to and from a destination, but a personal chauffeur is so much more.  He or she is essential for the company because he or she provides an experience to the customer.  A chauffeur is the face for any livery car service company, no matter how big or small the company.

Before any trip, chauffeur duties include consulting maps or navigation devices for desired routes.  He/she will check the traffic between the departure and destination locations in order to orientate the client on potential changes for travel times or suggest alternative routes.  

The chauffeur will also perform an overview maintenance check on the vehicle that he/she is about to utilize in order to ensure that it is that it is mechanically sound and spotless in appearance. He or she will make sure that the car is equipped with the necessary amenities.

Chauffeurs are expected to be mannerly and courteous in all driving and non-driving situations while on the job. Chauffeurs follow instructions and requests without argument and always maintain privacy of the client, all the while making safety thier first priority.

At Royal Star we make sure all our chauffeur pass an in depth chauffeur certification program.  Every chauffeur is required to be licensed by the Puerto Rico Tourism and be fully bilingual in English and Spanish.